Journaling Prompt: An Ideal Workday

Graph Paper and Pen

  Many moons ago, when I was a college student, we were given an assignment to describe what we didn’t want our work life to be like. Not an overall picture, but just what type of typical workday would be like a nightmare to have to endure in order to make a living. I completed […]

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Journaling Prompt: Love Letter-To Yourself

Sonnet 115 - Shakespeare

  I’ve written a few love letters in my life, but could never muster up the courage to deliver them. I would hold on to them for awhile, hidden away from prying eyes, eventually to dispose of them in an appropriate manner once the romance had fizzled. Maybe if I had sent one, things would […]

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Quote for Today

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. —William Wordsworth

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For the Love of Notebooks

Journal with Pen

I have always had a love affair with notebooks. Every project I’ve ever started, every class I’ve ever taken, at the beginning of every new year, there has been some sort of blank page waiting to be christened with new ideas.

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