Journaling Prompt: Love Letter-To Yourself

Sonnet 115 - Shakespeare


I’ve written a few love letters in my life, but could never muster up the courage to deliver them. I would hold on to them for awhile, hidden away from prying eyes, eventually to dispose of them in an appropriate manner once the romance had fizzled. Maybe if I had sent one, things would have turned out differently. Maybe not. Either way, it will remain a mystery.

Perhaps the quintessential love letter is the realm of the brave, a method of communication only for those confident enough to bare their soul on paper and deliver it to the object of their affection, not knowing how it will be received. That type of declaration is beyond my capabilities. I’m just too guarded, I’ve been told.

I agree.

But, perhaps that fear of rejection could be reduced by sending a love letter to the person that really needs to know that they are loved – yourself.

I’ve never been one for affirmations. I could not, with a straight face, look in the mirror and declare out loud that I was worthy or beautiful or fabulous. My steely sarcasm would verbally kick my own ass. But, writing down very specific details that I admire about myself is doable.

Narcissistic? Hardly. Appreciation for the wonderful attributes we possess is healthy.

So, let’s begin. Start with bullet points or an outline, then weave them into a love letter – to yourself. Imagine if you met someone with those same, positive qualities and your relationship is such that you could tell them, unabashedly, exactly how wonderful each of those qualities are and why. Get flowery. Get sexy. Be soulful. Make it rhyme if you wish; add some artistic flair with a love doodle. Recognize and appreciate all the things about you that are deserving of praise.

Acknowledge yourself, appreciate yourself, thank yourself.

The added benefit? When you start to redirect some of the love you toss about on a daily basis towards yourself, others will start to notice the increased calm and confidence you have and perhaps throw a little extra love your way. Nice perk, yes?


I would love to hear your results; please feel free to comment!

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