Journaling Prompt: Love Letter-To Yourself


I’ve written a few love letters in my life, but could never muster up the courage to deliver them. I would hold on to them for awhile, hidden away from prying eyes, eventually to dispose of them in an appropriate manner once the romance had fizzled. Maybe if I had sent one, things would have turned out differently. Maybe not. Either way, it will remain a mystery.

Perhaps the quintessential love letter is the realm of the brave, a method of communication only for those confident enough to bare their soul on paper and deliver it to the object of their affection, not knowing how it will be received. That type of declaration is beyond my capabilities. I’m just too guarded, I’ve been told.

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April is National Card and Letter Writing Month!


In 2001, the U.S. Postal Service decided to expand on their week-long celebration of the written letter by designating April as National Card and Letter Writing Month, noting that, “unlike other communications, card and letter writing is timeless, personal, and immediately tangible”. While the everyday reliance on texts and emails may leave our penmanship a little rusty, this month is a perfect opportunity to break out some stationery and put our thoughts, affections, thanks and well wishes on paper. Whether you indulge in lovely monogrammed notes, opt for a blank birthday card and tap your muse for the perfect sentiment or just slip a whimsical postcard in the mail to a friend, take the time this month to put pen to paper.


And, don’t forget to buy stamps!