Journaling Prompt: Wants Versus Needs


Wants versus needs…..

Choose one thing, right now, that you want. Be honest, then be reasonable and boil it down to what will satisfy the need behind the want. Take the flights of fancy and the steps that will have to happen to achieve them, then rework it with a strong dose of reality. For example:  in a currently unfeasible turn of events, I could languish under a far-off palm tree, sipping some concoction with a tiny umbrella for a two-week stretch in order to recharge my zapped internal batteries. BUT, in order to do so, I would definitely have to a) take a two-week vacation and come back to an Everest-sized pile of work which would immediately undo all of the stress-relief said vacation was supposed to achieve, b) kennel my cats for two weeks at an alarming cost, and c) budget enough money for months in advance in order to afford such a luxurious vacation. Or, I could get real and be fully satisfied by a) getting organized at work so I could plot out a few long weekends within a two-hour drive from my home, b) make sure someone is going to be around to feed the cats for three days, and c) stop going out to dinner so much so I could put some extra cash away to maybe enjoy a few umbrella-festooned concoctions on my long weekends. Does this, basically, give me a similar result? Will a long, lazy weekend away allow me to relax, unwind, and come back ready to face the daily challenges of life with refreshed fortitude? Yes, and with much less stress, planning and funds. Yay!

Being honest and real makes an agreeable existence attainable

When you get down to what you actually need, you can get honest and real about finding a way to get it. Write it down, work it out and make it happen!

I would love to hear your results; please feel free to comment!